M-Ped-SE-RC3/DS3 Vmax remover for BionX Systems


Topspeed restriction removed 
 Within seconds

✔ For all Pedelecs
  With BionX System and RC3 Controller

✔ Plug & Play
 Unlock by press a Button


Removing the speed restriction (Vmax) of 25 km/h.

With this powerful tool you can unlock the speedlimiter in just a few seconds at your Bionx system with RC3 controller... without a PC and no technical knowledge, the operation is intuitive via 4-keys, the display with 2x8 characters is selectable in German or English language. The M-Ped-SE-RC3/DS3 is compatibel to all BionX retrofit systems with RC3 controller and all OEM BionX systems with RC3 controller,  with and also without DS3 display.

The M-Ped-SE-RC3/DS3 supports all motortypes by all BionX systems with RC3 controller, without any assembly work.


M-Ped-SE Vmax remover für BionX Antriebe

- All BionX Retrofit Systems with RC3 Controller (with and without DS3 Display)
All OEM BionX Systems with RC3 Controller (with and without DS3 Display)

- Select: Vmax *

Unlock: (removes the speedlimiter)

Lock: (set the speedlimiter back to original)

Select: Setup

Sprache: (set the M-Ped-SE-RC3/DS3 menue-language to German or English)

Movie: M-Ped-SE in action (coming soon)

- M-Ped-SE-RC3/DS3 with cables and connectors
- Manual as Download

Click > Download Manual


Please take note of the following informations:

The M-Ped-SE is limited for 1 BionX System, at this one BionX System you can make as many changes as you want.

The M-Ped-SE tool doesn't remain on the bike after unlock is done! As with all tuning measures and changes to a vehicle, the use of the M-Ped-SE also void the guarantee and warranty of the engine or eBike manufacturer / dealer, tuning measures can lead to loss of insurance cover and loss of benefits from accident victim assistance. Please also observe the statutory provisions of the Road Traffic Act in your country! Tuning measures can lead to criminal liability for driving without a license and / or driving without insurance protection! The Vmax unlocking is only intended for sport / competition purposes, after unlocking the vehicle may not be used on public roads, the use of the M-Ped-SE is therefore at your own risk and at your own risk, after locking to 25Km/h (the original condition is thus restored) the use on public roads is possible again. ProChip assumes no liability for damage to objects and / or people caused by the use or improper use of the M-Ped-SE. 

* The actual achievable top speed depends at the performance and the condition of the installed system.

Material colors may differ from product photos, decorations in product photos are not included in the delivery.