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TV / DVD in Motion

Via the OBDII diagnostic interface of the vehicle without any assembly work or installation of additional hardware, the TV / DVD activation does not affect other systems, all functions of the navigation system and the vehicle remain unrestricted. If you have a navigation system with a TV or DVD / USB movie function and want to use this function while driving, for example to enable your passengers to be entertained by watching an exciting film on a longer trip, then a TV / DVD activation is necessary, otherwise TV reception and DVD playback is only possible when the vehicle is stationary or at low driving speed. In order to successfully activate the TV / DVD activation, the respective playback source is of course a prerequisite; this must already be available and usable without the TV / DVD activation when the vehicle is stationary.



Viewing moving images while driving is prohibited by law in many countries and can lead to the loss of insurance cover, please observe the statutory provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) in your country! The TV/DVD activation should only enable the passengers to use the TV/DVD function while driving, without activated devices being able to impair the driver's attention. The use of the TV/DVD activation is therefore at your own risk and the user's own risk. ProChip assumes no liability for damage to objects and/or persons caused by the use or improper use of the TV/DVD activation.


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