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The M-Ped-SE Vmax remover from ProChip ...

Your e-bike has an integrated speed lock of 25 km / h. A legal limit applies to this limit. We have developed a technical solution with which you will no longer be slowed down in the future during competitions or during sports on non-public roads, without any effect on other functions such as the displayed speed or the kilometers traveled, both will be natural even after unlocking still displayed correctly.

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As with all tuning measures and changes to a vehicle, the use of the M-Ped-SE also void the guarantee and warranty of the engine or eBike manufacturer / dealer, tuning measures can lead to loss of insurance cover and loss of benefits from accident victim assistance. Please also observe the statutory provisions of the Road Traffic Act in your country! Tuning measures can lead to criminal liability for driving without a license  and / or driving without insurance protection! The unlocking is only intended for sport / competition purposes, after unlocking the vehicle may not be used on public roads, the use of the M-Ped-SE is therefore at your own risk and at your own risk, after locking to 25Km/h (the original condition is thus restored) the use on public roads is possible again.


  • for BionX Systems
    <p>Speed limit off: The M-Ped-SE Vmax remover for systems from the canadian manufacturer BionX<br />When you sit on your bike, you will certainly want to get the best out of it and accelerate to the maximum during the competition or on non-public roads. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the built-in speed lock at 25 km / h. They are automatically slowed down if you are still far from your own performance limit.</p> <p></p>
  • for Heinzmann Systems
  • for Neodrives Systems
  • for Xion Systems

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